EUXEA Holding GmbH

The corporate group Prof Dr Joos consists of 18 companies

Interview on the 30th anniversary: An interview of Dr Helmut Reitze with the founder of the company

Real Estate Group

Management of
group real estate


(Governmental Relations)
With its scientifically
well-founded and
approach (PSGR®),
EUTOP International GmbH,
which was founded in 1990
by Prof Dr Klemens Joos,
supports the work of
companies and associations
from EU member states
and other relevant markets of
the world vis-à-vis the institutions of the European
Union and selected EU
member states

OnePager Group

(Emerging Technologies)
IT platforms that provide
users with customised
solutions to cope with
complex situations. Core
element is the AI-supported
implementation of the OnePager®-Methodology of
the systematic, process-
oriented change in
perspective developed by
Prof Dr Klemens Joos.
Research and development
is carried out in co-operation
with the Technical University
of Munich


Administrative services
for the
EUXEA Holding GmbH


Carpentry and wooden
construction since 1899
BERENTER Real Estate GmbH

LAKE Real Estate BHS GmbH

LAKE Real Estate LBG GmbH

LAKE Real Estate RWG GmbH

LAKE Real Estate SWT GmbH

EUTOP International GmbH
EUTOP Europe GmbH
EUTOP Brussels SRL
EUTOP Berlin GmbH

EUTOP Administration GmbH

EUTOP Trademark GmbH
OnePager GmbH

Perspective Change GmbH

Aimyca GmbH
EUXEA Administration GmbH

EUXEA Trademark GmbH

VLA Invest GmbH
Joos Holzbau GmbH